For those of us intimidated by the opposite….

He Pingping, the world’s smallest man, met up with long-legged Svetlana Pankratova in London’s Trafalger Square, posing for a photograph showing him standing up comfortably between her legs.

Pingping, 20, from Inner Mongolia, is just 74.61cm tall – a result of his being born with a condition known as primordial dwarfism.

Meanwhile Pankratova, a 36-year-old estate agent from Volvograd, Russia, boasts a height of 1.96 metres, with her legs alone measuring 132cm

If you’ve ever felt nervous talking to basketball players, or been self-conscious as you tried to peer over the top of the counter, this might help you feel more normal. Or not. From the Guiness Book of Records, brought to you by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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California Academy of Science reopens in San Francisco

 Following just about a five year hiatus, the hotly awaited California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is poised to become the world’s greenest public building when it reopens

For more on this startling Renzo Piano renovation see this article from the OC Register

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Gismodo – for all your inflateable armaments:

For impecunious dictators, keep your oppressed masses (and the CIA)  in a constant state of terror by installing these babies around your palace.  Just another useful gismo brought to you via Gismodo, which we have added to the permanent links in the sidebar.

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Not Green

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Banana horror

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Green Truckin’

Who says truckers can’t be green? This example of environmentally friendly automotive design comes from Makezine.

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Bigfoot discovered!

Rumours of the discovery of Bigfoot in America were wrong: the primitive and shaggy monster has been tracked down in his lair right under our noses, in North Sydney. Bounty hunters have sprung into action, trying to win the reward of $3.25 offered for a complete specimin, preferably preserved in rum.

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Screens and things

I’m testing an installation of NextGen Gallery so here are some random images of architectural maquettes, screens and installations that I have done over the last few years:

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Creative recyling

Some creative consumers like to stop junk mail before it ever reaches their mailboxes. But rather then communicating their wishes to direct mailers, they let their mailboxes do the talking – hopefully, the postman will actually listen! 

Other people take their junk mail and put it to work. See the “Top 10 creative responses top junk mail” from ProQuo

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But does it make manure?

Ahh, the joys of a gallop in the great outdoors, the smell of sweaty leather, and the pleasure of shovelling manure……….

The £40,000 virtual reality riding machine combines a mechanical horse with a host of electronic sensors and a screen, to recreate the joys of an outdoor ride without the need for mucking out. Designer and company managing director Bill Greenwood said: “Private individuals buy them who don’t have space for a horse in central London. With one of our simulators you can ride at any time of day in a centrally heated or air-conditioned environment. You don’t need the space or a dressage arena because it’s not physically going anywhere – you can put it in a small room or in a garden shed.

As reported in the Telegraph.

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