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Wille Bean Roscoe P. Coltrane runs for Mayor

Only in Alabama…… One of the candidates in the race to become Fairhope, Alabama’s next mayor in the United States is considerably more hairy than the rest. He also has twice as many legs and a constantly wagging tail. Wille … Continue reading

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Cartoonists use humour to tackle climate change

Can you laugh at global warming? Indeed, should you? The Ken Sprague Fund has organised a competition that set out to answer those awkward questions – so if you think that cartoons about climate change could be in poor taste, … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Greenwashing: Barbie Goes Green

I always thought of Barbie as a sensitive eco conscious earth woman, but now I’m not so sure…. For sensitive children, who prefer a more realistic role model, I suggest “Trash Talkin Turleen”

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Secondhand (Pepe)

In the 1960s, as part of an international aid program, the US started shipping huge loads of secondhand goods to Haiti. Many older Haitians still refer to their secondhand clothes as “wearing kennedy,” a nod to the president at the … Continue reading

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How well is your superannuation going?

A bank in the Indian city of Calcutta has opened an account for a beggar who deposited 91kg (200lb) of coins in one of the bank’s branches. Laxmi Das says she has been saving the coins since she started begging … Continue reading

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Offshore wind farms

From a report in the Guardian:  A British company is poised to construct the world’s first floating wind turbine, in a move that could herald a new generation of cheaper, less problematic wind energy. Blue H, a firm registered in … Continue reading

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