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Continuing our drive for bicycle safety

Road safety films have never really improved on this gem  

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Ubergizmo – for lovers of shiny new technology

Ubergizmo – It’s the Bible for early adopters and technophiles, but sometimes they hit upon something with a retro feel about it. Stepford wives anyone? AI Robotics could have stumbled upon a gold mine here by developing a robot which is … Continue reading

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Greensource – a useful portal to greenish things is the US site run  by McGraw-Hill who publish Greensource magazine. It has been added to the Links in the sidebar.

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Bankrupt Interiors

Mr Toledano, a photographer who sees the world in a very different way from most mortals, has done a series of pictures called “Bankrupt.” The signs of recent life in these deserted spaces is unnerving.

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A Disappearing Art Museum by Studio Pei-Zhu

Studio Pei-Zhu is a young practice of under 20 employees based in Beijing. This stunning art gallery project is showcased by the Architectural site Archinect.

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BioPower Systems

Wave power generation comes of age: BioPower Systems is a renewable energy technology company based in Sydney Australia, developing systems for both wave and tidal power conversion.

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Visual Thesaurus

  An interesting way to visualise the connections between words; the thesaurus database gives a preliminary grouping of words, which can be dragged around the screen and explored graphically.Visual Thesaurus can be bought as a stand alone program or used … Continue reading

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Go and see the movie Sharkwater. Don’t ask why, just see it.

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Your Home

An Australian Government site for environmental and energy efficient housing . It’s been added to our permanent links in the sidebar: Your Home – Design for lifestyle and the future Your Home is a suite of consumer and technical guide … Continue reading

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Fractal drawers

A mathematical chest by Takeshi Miyakawa Design  for you to sort all your different sized socks into

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