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Bicycle Tree

What do you get if you cross Christmas with a bicycle? A ‘Tree-Cycle’ sustainable Christmas tree made out of recycled bicycle parts. There must be an architect involves in this somewhere….

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Creative recyling

Some creative consumers like to stop junk mail before it ever reaches their mailboxes. But rather then communicating their wishes to direct mailers, they let their mailboxes do the talking – hopefully, the postman will actually listen!  Other people take … Continue reading

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Cool bathroom (Antwerp in winter?)

Another minimalist architectural design by the Belgian Sculp(IT) partnership, as featured on The Cool Hunter, a source of all things cool, new and improbably designerish. We’ve added them to our permanent links in the sidebar.

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A Disappearing Art Museum by Studio Pei-Zhu

Studio Pei-Zhu is a young practice of under 20 employees based in Beijing. This stunning art gallery project is showcased by the Architectural site Archinect.

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Visual Thesaurus

  An interesting way to visualise the connections between words; the thesaurus database gives a preliminary grouping of words, which can be dragged around the screen and explored graphically.Visual Thesaurus can be bought as a stand alone program or used … Continue reading

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Fractal drawers

A mathematical chest by Takeshi Miyakawa Design  for you to sort all your different sized socks into

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Now THAT’S what I call a rim……

A walking bike by Max Knight Design

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Welcome to The Buckled Rim

Far, far away from the Hub, from the centre of the Known Universe, lies a very different kind of knowledge: This blog is a moving collection of links, photos, articles, and commentary on things which have caught our attention.  The themes … Continue reading

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