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Coming out of retirement

It’s been a long time between posts. Time to dust this baby off and start up the stupidity. What better way to wake us from our siesta than this little number?  

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Burning Man

Welcome  to our mystery reporter hugh.i who will be blogging from the haze of insanity that is Burning Man . If he survives, it may encourage us to take up the challenge and join the Australian Burning Man in 2011.

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The School of Life

Travel to exotic places, experience fine dining, and meet with some of the sharpest minds around, all from the comfort of your bus in traffic jam on the M1. This is one of the trips organised by the extraordinary School … Continue reading

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Green Truckin’

Who says truckers can’t be green? This example of environmentally friendly automotive design comes from Makezine.

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Bigfoot discovered!

Rumours of the discovery of Bigfoot in America were wrong: the primitive and shaggy monster has been tracked down in his lair right under our noses, in North Sydney. Bounty hunters have sprung into action, trying to win the reward … Continue reading

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Welcome to The Buckled Rim

Far, far away from the Hub, from the centre of the Known Universe, lies a very different kind of knowledge: This blog is a moving collection of links, photos, articles, and commentary on things which have caught our attention.  The themes … Continue reading

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