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Coming out of retirement

It’s been a long time between posts. Time to dust this baby off and start up the stupidity. What better way to wake us from our siesta than this little number?  

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You want maths? This is maths!

My sons gave me Kindle for Christmas. Amazingly simple and amazing technology; sleek white aesthetics, permanently linked by a 3G umbilical cord to Amazon. I also explored the free books available from Project Gutenberg and, where I discovered this … Continue reading

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Gismodo – for all your inflateable armaments:

For impecunious dictators, keep your oppressed masses (and the CIA)  in a constant state of terror by installing these babies around your palace.  Just another useful gismo brought to you via Gismodo, which we have added to the permanent links … Continue reading

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Offshore wind farms

From a report in the Guardian:  A British company is poised to construct the world’s first floating wind turbine, in a move that could herald a new generation of cheaper, less problematic wind energy. Blue H, a firm registered in … Continue reading

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Studio Monte Rosa

The Swiss Energy Science Centre reports on the latest sustainable designs for mountain huts:  Studio Monte Rosa is a special mountain hut, which has been planned for the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) by the Department of Architecture.  In splendid isolation, on … Continue reading

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Little green men are at it again

The geometry geeks (or space aliens, if you prefer) who stamp out intricate designs on the fields of the U.K. may have topped themselves this time. Discover Magazine has one of the better analyses of this crop circle. which had … Continue reading

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Zeppelins rise from the ashes

What is it about airships that continues to capture the imagination? By rights, the lumbering airborne relics of a century past should be no more than museum curiosities, consigned like gas lamps to the sentimental roll-call of redundant technology. But … Continue reading

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Continuing our drive for bicycle safety

Road safety films have never really improved on this gem  

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Ubergizmo – for lovers of shiny new technology

Ubergizmo – It’s the Bible for early adopters and technophiles, but sometimes they hit upon something with a retro feel about it. Stepford wives anyone? AI Robotics could have stumbled upon a gold mine here by developing a robot which is … Continue reading

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BioPower Systems

Wave power generation comes of age: BioPower Systems is a renewable energy technology company based in Sydney Australia, developing systems for both wave and tidal power conversion.

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