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Screens and things

I’m testing an installation of NextGen Gallery so here are some random images of architectural maquettes, screens and installations that I have done over the last few years:

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Secondhand (Pepe)

In the 1960s, as part of an international aid program, the US started shipping huge loads of secondhand goods to Haiti. Many older Haitians still refer to their secondhand clothes as “wearing kennedy,” a nod to the president at the … Continue reading

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Bankrupt Interiors

Mr Toledano, a photographer who sees the world in a very different way from most mortals, has done a series of pictures called “Bankrupt.” The signs of recent life in these deserted spaces is unnerving.

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Go and see the movie Sharkwater. Don’t ask why, just see it.

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Welcome to The Buckled Rim

Far, far away from the Hub, from the centre of the Known Universe, lies a very different kind of knowledge: This blog is a moving collection of links, photos, articles, and commentary on things which have caught our attention.  The themes … Continue reading

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