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Coming out of retirement

It’s been a long time between posts. Time to dust this baby off and start up the stupidity. What better way to wake us from our siesta than this little number?  

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Burning Man

Welcome  to our mystery reporter hugh.i who will be blogging from the haze of insanity that is Burning Man . If he survives, it may encourage us to take up the challenge and join the Australian Burning Man in 2011.

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You want maths? This is maths!

My sons gave me Kindle for Christmas. Amazingly simple and amazing technology; sleek white aesthetics, permanently linked by a 3G umbilical cord to Amazon. I also explored the free books available from Project Gutenberg and, where I discovered this … Continue reading

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Bicycle Tree

What do you get if you cross Christmas with a bicycle? A ‘Tree-Cycle’ sustainable Christmas tree made out of recycled bicycle parts. There must be an architect involves in this somewhere….

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The perfect Christmas gift for….?

Brought to you by the ever-inspiring  Ship of Fools, from their annual round up of tasteful religious artefacts called The 12 Days of  Kitschmas: Perfect for Baptist churches, we present the world’s first water-resistant nativity. Yes, it’s the decisive moment … Continue reading

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And a happy Easter to all those rabbits out there.

Just testing the WordPress for iPhone app after upgrading.

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The School of Life

Travel to exotic places, experience fine dining, and meet with some of the sharpest minds around, all from the comfort of your bus in traffic jam on the M1. This is one of the trips organised by the extraordinary School … Continue reading

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For those of us intimidated by the opposite….

He Pingping, the world’s smallest man, met up with long-legged Svetlana Pankratova in London’s Trafalger Square, posing for a photograph showing him standing up comfortably between her legs. Pingping, 20, from Inner Mongolia, is just 74.61cm tall – a result … Continue reading

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California Academy of Science reopens in San Francisco

 Following just about a five year hiatus, the hotly awaited California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is poised to become the world’s greenest public building when it reopens For more on this startling Renzo Piano renovation … Continue reading

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Gismodo – for all your inflateable armaments:

For impecunious dictators, keep your oppressed masses (and the CIA)  in a constant state of terror by installing these babies around your palace.  Just another useful gismo brought to you via Gismodo, which we have added to the permanent links … Continue reading

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