Coming out of retirement

It’s been a long time between posts. Time to dust this baby off and start up the stupidity. What better way to wake us from our siesta than this little number?



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Burning Man

Welcome  to our mystery reporter hugh.i who will be blogging from the haze of insanity that is Burning Man . If he survives, it may encourage us to take up the challenge and join the Australian Burning Man in 2011.

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You want maths? This is maths!

My sons gave me Kindle for Christmas. Amazingly simple and amazing technology; sleek white aesthetics, permanently linked by a 3G umbilical cord to Amazon. I also explored the free books available from Project Gutenberg and, where I discovered this engrossing read: The 32nd Mersenne Prime, Predicted”. By Anonymous

Here is an excerpt:

“45680860977734806485453460623325155048462282811967 65712909447398895237660398353534837465133243532936 08410645277244613619322028881522197357827682120803 55924261873911329720445406630783130050079970071987 09467496824801646394416091132127081637270733085391 20448882171395433603574210763682247932660379891534 85437676625368440724025010765381307481362198537887 34732061361266725029633406658924111174784294549715 79930648925004835216890913639662831411857711454238 89696397927686212407878183415668177039657454158762 18677009488180880528543416276498216053498002628465 95680397664575073271535577146725664729034142388608 21932086341316767441089619480223755426386574466519 35059182522419985462790410403717095767709151811481 71240501134233554803351093780395354815318030514667 57501342392264169739935178074130450402481594215266 71327732649716048969119271220275479464849059406914 18499100984186874427885689248206431778904064603687 45434775383398378126594256576505683862093067966111 66443310385768104125632791690995909972198256”

Here is one of their book reviews:    “Hooo! This one’s a laugh riot.”

If you really want to know more (and I don’t think you really do) go look up Mersenne Prime on Wikipedia .

Happy holiday reading!


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From theo.b to simon.g., an early Christmas gift!

Found you a semi-perfect Christmas Gift  to add to your numbers jewelry collection, a Fibonacci sequence ring. Merry Christmas!



ps: yes you either make it yourself or wait till Feb! in a perfect world the beads would be made out of stainless steel or timber….

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The perfect Christmas gifts for the Germaphobes in your life…


H1N1-related stuff is apparently a huge hit this Christmas…i wonder what other fun-sounding (deadly) disease we can capitalize on next Christmas!

Here is the complete list (via Fast Company):

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Bicycle Tree

tree cycle

What do you get if you cross Christmas with a bicycle? A ‘Tree-Cycle’ sustainable Christmas tree made out of recycled bicycle parts. There must be an architect involves in this somewhere….

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The perfect Christmas gift for….?


Brought to you by the ever-inspiring  Ship of Fools, from their annual round up of tasteful religious artefacts called The 12 Days of  Kitschmas:

Perfect for Baptist churches, we present the world’s first water-resistant nativity. Yes, it’s the decisive moment in salvation history presented in the medium of the rubber duck. Take them home with you and you can remember the Bethlehem story while wallowing in a hot bath.

Featuring: Joseph sporting a Beatles moptop… three bird-brained wise men, the famous spotted duck of Bethlehem, and the Blessed Virgin in blue with the Holy Duckling tucked under her wing – having just laid (and then hatched) him in a manger.

Best of all, there’s the duck at the back who’s been crossed with a sheep. Perhaps he’s the smartest of the lot. He’s probably realized the awful truth – that for ducks, the future isn’t bright. The future’s à l’orange.

So much goodness, so few deserving relatives to send them to….

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The perfect Christmas gift for the hypochondriac in your life

Swine Flu Hanky

Swine Flu Hanky


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And a happy Easter to all those rabbits out there.

Just testing the WordPress for iPhone app after upgrading.

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The School of Life

Travel to exotic places, experience fine dining, and meet with some of the sharpest minds around, all from the comfort of your bus in traffic jam on the M1. This is one of the trips organised by the extraordinary School of Life. 

“For a proud but small minority open to poetry of a different sort, there’s at last an ideal travel agency to hand.” 
Alain de Botton.

If you want something more original than a tour of Rome in the footsteps of Michelangelo or a yoga retreat in the Pyrenees, come on holiday with The School of Life.

We invite exceptional writers and artists to create journeys around unlikely parts of the modern world. We offer you a passport to a life less ordinary by opening your mind to the splendour of the everyday. 

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